Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've Loved You So Long

So, I finally got around to watching this movie this evening (and then promptly spent hours and hours amassing an email with 26 attachments to circulate for the Job... but that's another story entirely)... it was very good. I can see why it was recommended by the NYTimes Arts pages when it was in theaters. Kristin Scott Thomas did a great job (and the poor thing looked like a whipped dog throughout, so as with Melissa Leo, kudos for the lack of make-up!) and Elsa Zylberstein was also very good. It was a somber movie but the character's story unfolds throughout and keeps you watching. If you like French flicks I would recommend it.

Next on the French film list? Tell No One, then "Man on Wire" (that's technically a documentary and not really a French film, just about a frenchman)... of course, who knows when these will be available either via Redbox or On Demand. So, in the meantime I've reserved Transporter 3 from the Box. So what if Jason Statham isn't highbrow.

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