Wednesday, January 24, 2007

1,500 Random Thoughts...

Hi Everybody! It looks like, thanks to the folks at StatCounter who keep track of these things, we have hit 1,500 hits (this is since we've been counting... back in August, thanks to a tip from Ana at the Ruby Red Slipper Blog. Anyhoo, just wanted to say thanks for visiting and I'll try and keep things interesting for you!!!

Okay, on to the random thoughts. First. Last night on the way home we were listening to "Roam" by the B-52s rather loudly in the car and Baby G (as she has affectionately become known) was really moving around quite a bit. We've decided she's either a B-52's fan or was protesting how loud the music was. We'll have to give "Rock Lobster" a try and see what she thinks.

Second. You should check out TMZ for the latest story which claims that Rachael Ray made some racist remarks about Oprah and some other derogatory comments about Brangelina last year over a dinner at Houston's. I know some people can react violently to Houston's spinach dip, but that seems a bit intense... I know I shouldn't perpetuate gossip, but it just sounds a bit wacky and far fetched... decide for yourself, but I think we all know how Tony Danza would come out on this one!

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