Friday, January 19, 2007

Adventures in Midtown

Yesterday the Husband and I had to travel to the far east side to pick up donated maternity clothes. We didn't really want the clothes but it became one of those things that sort of spiraled out of control and I felt like I couldn't say, "no, I don't want the used clothes" without offending someone. These were clothes of a friend of a friend and that friend's husband would only take them so far as his wife's old apartment building. Mind you, said wife had already picked through the bags for herself.

We were told the clothes were in two garbage bags and that when we arrived we should probably pay the doorman a few bucks for his time and trouble as a thanks for minding the bags. We did this and then found ourselves wandering around midtown carrying two large garbage bags. This didn't stop us, luckily from going to Ess-a-Bagel for lunch, but needless to say we were rather humiliated to be carrying these things around and to then have them at our feet while we at lunch. A pregnant woman wandered in (dressed very spiffily in some sort of sparkly top) and I did suggest that we call her over and ask if she wanted to pick through the bags, if only to lighten our load for the trek back to the office.

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