Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Maple Syrup... blame New Jersey.

So, as most people now know, Midtown Manhattan and parts of New Jersey were hit with a mysterious smell yesterday morning much akin to a natural gas leak. On the local news I saw that the Time Life Building was "evacuated", may I mention that I work in the Building next door to the Time Life Building. Thankfully, due to my condition, co-workers advocated that I go home (this is easier to do when said co-workers are also pregnant, and also going home)... today, Mayor Bloomberg is trying (not surprisingly) to blame New Jersey.

I personally love how this reminds everyone of how in late 2005 the city "smelled like brunch", or in other words, there were those few days which had the unmistakeable smell of maple syrup which no one could explain... it was like Aunt Jemima exploded over New York. What's next, febreze? Whatever it is, just claim it came from Secaucus.

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