Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Okay, so I've noticed that there are people who like blogs and people who either don't, or at least, seem to have no interest. Me personally, I'm nosy, I love blogs (that being said, I rarely read random blogs-- mainly I like blogs of people I know)... its a great way to keep in touch, see what's going on-- generally I just think they're fun. Now I know there are some people (Dave, for instance) that have very strong feelings about thinking blogs are goofy and specifically prefering individual personal written or voice communication. I can respect that. What I find odd are those people out there who you give your blog address to who *never* visit it. Not even just once, not even out of curiosity. And they don't even say anything-- no protests, of "I think blogs are dumb, I'm not going to visit it, just send me an email when something important happens..." nope... some of them even make an overture that they will look at it (perhaps they just never get around to it)... Either way, I think to myself, hmpf. What's with that? Too busy? Not a fan of the internet? A slave to a poor dial-up connection? Too many other things to do? Not interested in seeing what I have to say? Not even the least bit intrigued?

Anyhoo, thanks to all of you out there who do visit! I hope I can keep you entertained!!

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Anastasia said...

I still read all of the time - but it's usually via bloglines so it may not show up on your counter.