Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Random Thoughts...

Liz Lange has great maternity clothes (not that crap she sells at Target, but the real stuff...).

It's actually starting to get cold here... but so far no snow. This means I've officially broken out the "puffy coat". As I've said to the Husband, I feel like its a cop-out. The coat is like a sleeping bag with arms. It has made it much easier to sleep on the train these days because my entire body is in a down cocoon. Downside is when I went to Alfredo's of Rome today for lunch I didn't wear the coat because I am kind of ashamed of it from a fashion perspective. I just didn't want to have to deal with trying to "check" it, since again, it is the size of a small duvet.

ps. never go to Alfredo of Rome. I should have known better not to go to a place that actually has a location at Epcot Center. The food was awful! Awful I tell you. (This is why I hate being the person to pick a restaurant.... sure, I wanted to go to The Bar Room at the Modern, but no.... Open Table denied me!)

Other thoughts? Night at the Museum was pretty cute, though I would go to a late show. A very late show. We went at 2:35pm and it was a mad house.

Finally, in other news-- we've officially felt baby movement. Even the Husband was able to feel little kicks and punches. What can I say, the baby likes to be most active just after I've finally laid down for the evening. Whatever, works for me.

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