Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weekend Adventure-- ChikaLicious!

This Saturday we headed into the City to spend the evening with Thisbe and PBB! Things started off fun at Artisanal where we had fabulous french onion soup, the Husband had pork chops, I had fish and Chips and the lot of us shared fondue. Next it was on to A Chorus Line. All I am going to say is that the Schoenfeld Theater leaves a bit to be desired. The seats were beyond tiny and it was rather warm. I waited the whole show for "One" and finally, at the last possible moment is when the whole chorus line came out in the sparkly gold outfits... next it was on to ChikaLicious. Since A Chorus Line is run through without an intermission, Thisbe suggested that we could get dessert after the show-- she did some internet research and found Chikalicious-- what a find! Turns out it was just featured this week in New York Magazine's best places to eat. It's a tiny little spot on East 10th Street (being just a stone's throw from our friend at 410e9th) and you have to get your name on "the List" by 10:45pm. There was a bit of a wait, but it was very fun and very New York, especially as more and more people tried to get on the list after 10:45 and we just watched as they were turned away-- Ha! We ended up being the second to last people seated, and it was terrific because we got to enjoy our deserts leisurely and we got to watch Chika and Sofia putting together our fab desserts. I had a warm chocolate tart with red peppercorn ice cream and a red wine sauce, the Husband had white chocolate mousse with kiwi (not just any kiwi, mind you, but kiwi that had been marinated in lavender), Thisbe had panna cotta with sorbet and PBB had this really tasty apple pudding cake in a creme anglaise sauce. We also had an amuse bouche of roasted banana ice cream in a darjeeling tea gelee and there were neat little petite fours for after the main course. We practically closed down the house and had a nice little chat at the end of the evening with Chika, her husband Don (who was just lovely) and Sofia. All in all, great dessert spot, and worth the wait and deserving of the hype.

It was a wonderfully fun night, Thisbe and PBB are always fun and it was nice to be able to chat about all things baby, as the Thisbe family has paved the baby way with their adorable Wee Kraken.

Anyhoo! Here's to future fondue plans at the Melting Pot!!

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