Sunday, February 25, 2007

Breakfast with the Beatles, kind of...

Yesterday was one of our coveted Weef Days! The Husband planned out a great day for me in New York, including a pre-natal massage at Cornelia Day Spa. We started off the day, however, at Sarabeth's at the Whitney for a little brunch. Amazingly, when we got to Sarabeth's they were able to seat us immediately-- no wait! A few minutes after we were seated and placed our orders who walked in but Yoko Ono. Yoko was with an older european looking gentleman and a young Japanese woman kept taking photographs of them. Ironically, three women seated at the table between Yoko and ourselves (who seemed to be Swedish) at one point asked Yoko's photographer... "Will you take our picture too?" I don't quite think they understood both (i) that Yoko was at the next table and (ii) that the woman taking the pictures was taking pictures of YOKO. Hi, we're not on a Celebrity Cruise, pictures of you and your guests won't be posted by the door on your way out for purchase! By the way, apparently, Yoko is a fan of the Farmer's Omlette.

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