Wednesday, February 28, 2007

5am Eternal

Last night I awoke at 5am. I was overly warm and tired of laying on my left side. I slowly turned on to my back, but since we pregnant folk aren't supposed to lay on our back it was just a quick stop on the way to laying on my right side. When you're laying down flat and have the equivalent of a basketball glued to the front of your stomach shifting position becomes more like a dead lift or boulder toss (like in the World's Strongest Man Competition). As I attempt to hurtle my body on its side, I immediately get a cramp in my abdomen in what I can only imagine is the place in my body where my former abs have relocated to. At this point I'm in pain. Actual shooting muscle cramp pain. So I hit the Husband awake with my free arm and feebly ask for help. The Husband is half asleep and disoriented and at first I don't make it clear that it's not a back cramp or a leg cramp but a belly cramp. He manages to prop me up at which point now the cramp gets worse every time I try to breathe. I also happen to notice that at this point in time the inside of my mouth feels like I've swallowed wallpaper paste. Eventually I managed (with help from the Husband) to get back on my left side where after a few minutes the pain subsided. Husband then trekked down to the kitchen and got me a drink and we opened a window so that our bedroom was no longer the same temperature as the surface of the sun.

I manage to fall back asleep by 5:30am only to be rudely awoken at 7am for a visit by the contractor. Then on the train we managed to encounter a very nice gentleman who we've met before, only problem is he likes to test out his latest amature stand-up comedy routine on fellow riders and so he talked the *entire* way from PJ to NYC. Then I had my review at The Job. It went fine, but all in all it meant that after a bad night's sleep and no breakfast I had to be sociable for over 2 hours straight. I'm too much like Howard Hughes to have to be that sociable.

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