Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscars and Obama...

First, Kudos to Marty Scorsese for finally winning an Oscar. And, was it just me or did Lucas look pissed? Okay, Alan Arkin? I mean I'm glad Eddie Murphy didn't win as everyone was predicting because Pluto Nash still does exist out there and I don't think you can give an Oscar to someone who's current box office topper is Norbit, but come on. Alan Arkin? Marky Mark should have won based on Planet of the Apes and the historic underwear ads alone.

What about the fashion? Reese Witherspoon's dress was great, so was Nicole Kidman's, after that nothing struck me. For the most part I thought the folks at E! (Ryan Seacrest included) were pretty annoying and petty, though I do have to agree with their assessment of poor Meryl Streep. When you've been nominated for any film that has "Prada" in the title, please, go and borrow a beautiful, gorgeous couture dress from someone, anyone. Don't try and raid Georgia O'Keefe's closet. It's just not becoming.

Next-- how long was that show? Jerry Seinfeld was the only funny part and I totally could have done without the Philobus dance troupe.

Finally, on a totally separate topic... I just received a letter asking me to donate money to Barack Obama's '08 campaign. Can I just say, I *still* don't know what the man's views on the issues are. It seemed from the form letter that he's opposed to the war in Iraq and that he has spent a lot of time "talking to people in coffee shops."


410E9th said...

It was just you. When you are as rich as lucas you dont care about squat.

Now beyonce on the other hand could have melted Jennifer Hudson. Similarly, JLo seemed incredulous when she said the words academy award winning in the intro.

Weef! said...

Beyonce was totally pissed. I can't believe J-Ho didn't even acknowledge Miss B in her acceptance speech. If she knew what was good for her she should have thanked Beyonce, then God. :) Not to mention, I so totally would have dissed Simon Cowell-- how could anyone let that opportunity pass???