Sunday, February 11, 2007

Questions Couples Should Ask....

This morning I was cruising around the New York Times website and I found an article entitled "Questions Couples Should Ask (or Wish They Had) Before Marrying" Though I have recently passed the five year married mark, I thought, "hmm, this sounds intriguing" and figured I'd check it out. As to be expected the list included things such as how many children do you want, how will you raise your children vis-a-vis religion, who will do chores and are you a penny pincher or a spendthrift. The question, though, that I thought most silly (in comparison to the rest) was: "Will there be a television in the bedroom?" Apparently this is quite a sticking point for people. For me, it's not "will there be a television" but more, "how big will the tv be?"

I don't know about you but when I am at home sick in bed nothing says "sick day" more than a bowl of chicken and rice soup and watching Regis & Kelly or The View in bed. Not to mention what about those nights when the Husband is stuck at work and I should be asleep, but instead am waiting up for him and am immersed in bad television, like the time I actually elected to watch the Al Pacino classic "Author! Author! Or even last night. Sure, I may have fallen asleep on the couch in the family room while the Husband watched "Jet Li's Fearless" on pay-per-view, but the minute I headed upstairs to the bedroom I was suddenly refreshed and decided to see what was on TV. I found us two travel related shows, one more entertaining than the next: Francesco's Italy: Top to Toe and the old fave Globe Trekker (Indian Ocean Islands episode with Ian Wright as the host)... We then spent from 2am to 3am flipping back and forth between these shows. Francesco (visiting northern Italy) was just comical with his floppy mop of grey hair and bad Italian theme music and Ian's accent (very Jamie Oliver, but without the lisp) was entertaining in its own right, regardless of the locale. But, for purposes of couples bonding time, the best part came after the shows were over. On The Travel Channel, at 3am, we shifted to "Paid Programming" the first seven minutes of which was a pitch for The Bible on DVD, which went (seemingly without any segue) into an infomercial for an Evinrude 2 stroke outboard motor. I ask you, what says couple time more than watching bad infomercials at 3am? Things such as this just would not be possible if a TV wasn't in the bedroom!

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