Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pain in My...

My desk chair at the Job has never been very good. I've had this chair since about 2004 now and I had taken it from another office when we did a move and essentially it looks like something salvaged from 1983. The back is completely not adjustable, neither are the armrests and because of the height of the armrests the chair can only get *so* close to my desk-- not really enough for sitting here hours on end to be comfortable. Things finally came to a head earlier on in my pregnancy where between my naturally bad posture, even worse sagging pregnancy posture and the total inflexibility of my office chair I had begun to get a sharp pain in my right-middle back. I noticed that it got worse when I had to use my computer (something that I realized after having not needed to use my computer extensively for a couple of weeks where the pain subsided...) Finally at my January doctor's visit I asked for a note so I could get a new chair. Preferably one that's adjustable and not seemingly designed by angry Shakers. I turned in my note and was told I'd get a new chair. So far, nothing. Today the back pain started in at 11am. I sent an email to the chair ordering big-wig and have received no response so far.

I have a number of strange items in my office, including a Hartland statute of Warren Spahn, an Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure from Burger King and a number of stuffed animals. Luckily for me the stuffed cat that I received a few Halloween's ago with some Godiva chocolate works well as a lumbar support substitute. Yes, for now, I am sitting here with a stuffed cat behind my back.

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