Saturday, April 14, 2007


Today was *much* better than yesterday-- thanks for the many well-wishes (and vicarious chocolate consumption). Today I "worked" from home. This included an hour long conference call at 10:30am and Loan Agreement revisions. Luckily, after that I escaped the house for a bit. Yes, I got to go to the dry cleaner, pick up the pictures from the photographer (some of which are cute, some of which are clearly karma's way of making up for the fact that I made fun of Tori Spelling-- I swear I didn't know those double-chin pics in US Weekly were taken days before she was about to give birth) and make various returns (all I can say is try never to go into a Kohl's unless you absolutely have to...). Came home and started on dinner-- it was an exciting evening with Mahi Mahi (marinated in a citrus dill sauce) over saffron rice with a mandarin orange, pineapple and cilantro salsa. I also made cole slaw! The Husband insists that cole slaw is one step above something that would be found in the garbage chute scene from Star Wars Episode IV, but what can I say, I like it and so long as I'm making it myself I feel like there's considerably less of a chance for salmonella.

Two random thoughts:

1. I vote for Ana to adopt Martha... and

2. If we ever get another cat we can name her Obi-Wan KatNobi.

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