Monday, April 16, 2007

The Big Nor'Easter

Yeah, we got rain. While watching the 11 o'clock news last night we heard the local "on the scene" reporter tell the world that Route 1 was closed in both directions in our town, turns out, Route 1 was closed in both directions where OUR street crosses it. Further, this morning apparently our whole road was shut down due to flooding. We also had a small problem with water coming in from under the kitchen door. The husband likened having to deal with this problem to one of the tasks on the Amazing Race.

We could both imagine Phil giving the following narration:

"Build it or Bail it... a Road Block is a task that only one team member may perform... in this Task, one team member can chose between building a dam with garbage bags and with three railroad ties (which must be dragged across the front yard) in order to limit the water flow into the kitchen, or team members may chose to drag the pool pump 150 yards to the kitchen window and stand in six inches of water while attempting to drain the window well (which is quickly filling with water) with said pool pump, all while the other team member is in the house making dinner." Unfortunately, unlike on the Amazing Race, the Husband didn't actually get to chose between the two tasks, instead he had to complete both and do so before getting struck by lighting. We didn't realize the last part of the challenge until the Husband was safely back inside when suddenly we saw a flash and heard a large crash.

Let it be noted too that our phone service has been out since last night and Verizon won't be coming until Friday. At least nothing got hit by a tree branch. That's in our favor.

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