Sunday, April 08, 2007


On Friday I visited with Julian at Frederic Fekkai for a hair cut. While sitting in the salon chair I noticed one of Julian's counterparts on the other side of the mirrors cutting a woman's hair. He had that very european hair stylist look-- spiked up hair, prada-esque thick frame eye glasses. He looked possibly German or maybe even French (though not really thin enough to be French) however, as time passed I overheard a bit of the conversation he was having (quite animatedly) with his client-- he was going on and on about how he collects comic book action figures and that he often trolls Ebay looking for them. All being said in a very non-european, quite middle-american accent. He was a comic book geek! I'm sorry but when you're cutting women's hair at Frederic Fekkai on Fifth Avenue, and you've got the euro-trash hair cut and glasses you *can't* talk about how you collect action figures. Did you miss that day at stylist school? It ruins the entire mood!

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