Monday, April 23, 2007


I have to say, Chipotle deserves a second chance. Jenn had raved about Chipotle when she was still in Ohio, I waited patiently for one to appear in the New York metro area. I first encountered a Chipotle burrito bowl with Dave maybe a year ago. It was good. The sweet corn is a nice unexpected addition, but the local Chipotle was all the way over on 52nd street between Lexington and Third-- quite a hike from the Job. Not to mention that at lunchtime the place is packed and I hate to stand in lines... then one day I was walking back to the office and I noticed a Chipotle on 48th between 6th and 7th. I got a Burrito. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't that great and the workers were totally confused by the fact that I ordered one vegetarian burrito but wanted pinto beans (apparently, pinto beans aren't vegetarian, and it was beyond comprehension that I didn't want a vegetarian burrito because the Husband (for whom the burrito was intended) is a vegetarian, but just because he didn't want chicken, pork or beef in this particular burrito. The next time I went to Chipotle I realized that I could actually use the tunnel system and go from my office building all the way to Chipotle without having to go outside... (winters in midtown tend to turn everyone into moles, if possible). Unfortunately, this burrito was very disappointing. There was so much stuff in it none of it was hot, it was a pain to eat, it was just a total let down.

This afternoon I went to Buy Buy Baby on 26th and 7th (long story, especially since I took the subway to 23rd and 6th, upside is I was finally able to see the infamous Cariboo Bassinet in person and my mom was proved right-- it does look like a folding laundry hamper), then I noticed a Chipotle across the street. I figured I would give it another try. Go inside, no line, for starters (always a good thing). Decide to get back to basics and order a burrito bowl, rather than a traditional burrito. Get it with rice, pinto beans, chicken, corn, tomatoes, hot sauce, sour cream, cheese and some guacamole. Try to find a cab. Head back to the office and when I get to my desk, the burrito is still somewhat warm (this may be because it is 80 outside today, but I don't care!) and dare I say, it was as good as the first time! Finally, I'm understanding the hype. It was a damn good burrito. Maybe the key is to get it when its warm outside, get it with no tortilla, or just be pregnant (hence almost any food tastes good!) I don't know what the secret is but it was good.

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