Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rainbows, Unicorns and other Mythical Things...

It seems to me that practically every conversation we overhear on the train between strangers begins with how crowded the subject train is. Case in point, today, Joe (the guy we know who is always practicing his latest comedy routine) started talking with the folks in his five-seater... it began with how crowded the 8:23 is. "Is it like this every day?" "It's a short train, it's always a short train", "The 7:44 is great, it's a long train, there's always room." "This one has been short for a year." then, as is also typical, the conversation shifted to the infamous 9:04. The 9:04 is a double-decker train, one of the few, in fact, I think it is the only double decker train. Man from across the aisle says to Joe, in wistful terms, as if he's speaking about some wonderful childhood memory: "Have you ever taken the 9:04? It's a double decker." "Really?"

Yes, Virginia, double decker trains do exist, they run them at off-peak hours.

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