Monday, April 23, 2007

More Wagon News...

Can I be annoying and sing the praises of my Wagon? Apparently, the Dad thinks I am getting in touch with my "maternal" side and am expressing this through the wagon purchase. Perhaps this is true on a subconscious level, but mostly I just like the cargo room. What can I say, I love filling up the back of a car with crap! We've already loaded it up with dry cleaning, carried home groceries and a microwave, been to the outlet mall, and I am still awaiting my cargo mat-- once I have that, my hauling capacity shall be limitless! Not to mention that it came with one of those nets that goes up behind the back seat and trunk area, in case you're travelling with pets. I may have to borrow someone's dog just to try it out!

And, let's talk about the gas tank. I know this is not a logical distinction (because at the end of the day I'll be filing up the wagon more often than the X5) but it's got a tiny gas tank. The X5 has a 24 gallon tank. The Wagon about 15. We went to fill it up for the first time (thanks to spending cash courtsey of the Dad) and it was a mere $33.00! That was for 93 octane! I've had fill-ups in the X run $70. Sure, years ago even the $33 would have sounded like a ridiculous amount of money, but hell, these days with the price of gas making you feel like you're in Europe but without the food or scenery, I'll take the $33.

Finally, I know, I know, it's a station wagon. How fun can that be, right? Well, let me just point out that for registration purposes, the State of New Jersey classifies the Wagon as a "sedan", whereas our beloved X is classified as a "wagon".

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