Monday, April 30, 2007

The Weekend...

So this weekend was relatively uneventful. We were getting ready for the big floor refinishing job which meant that on Saturday we had movers visit the house to move the big furniture into a POD. Yes we have a POD in our driveway. We're just hoping now that no one comes with a large flat bed truck and drives it away.

Oddly enough the Husband and I changed roles during the move. Normally I am the one who abrubtly loses patience with people working in our home and insists that they stop what they are doing and leave (case in point-- painters, after they broke two radiators, pool repair people, etc., etc.) this time, the Husband kept getting more and more agitated every time the movers would nick a doorway and/or piece of furniture. Let's not even discuss how one of the moving men overflowed one of our toilets (which makes for the first time in three years such an event has even occurred!) Finally, after the movers allowed part of the bedframe to fall on the Husband's violin he decided that's it! OUT!

To be fair, both movers looked like they had recently been parolled and I'm hoping that they didn't see anything they thought was valuable during the move process otherwise they'll be our first suspects if the POD does get hauled away.

During the moving debacle I left the house to pick up lunch and run some errands. First stop? DSW shoe warehouse. I am not a fan of DSW, I don't like their return policy and for the most part I've never found really great shoes there, but I needed pregnancy shoes. Something preferably made by Keds or a flip flop, I figured DSW was the right place. Yes, I have reached that sad point in pregnancy where I needed to buy new shoes. I have always been a size 7 though recently many shoes required me to wear a 6 1/2 (which I attitributed to a change in international shoe sizing protocol, rather than that my feet were shrinking) Now I am squarely a 7 1/2. I do hope the feet eventually go back to normal, for now though, I purchased a pair of Keds flip flops (the best of both worlds) though sadly they didn't come in any normal colors so they are a light green with some sort of Hawaiian print on them. I was desperate, my Jimmy Choos are so ashamed of me right now. I also bought a pair of black sandals by Nine West (which are exactly the same sandals I bought a month ago in a size 7).

Next I found myself crusing the racks at, gasp! Old Navy. What can I say, I needed to buy pajama pants for the hospital bag and I needed another pair of pants.

Later in the day we made a run to Dairy Queen and Barnes and Noble.

Sunday was spent finishing up the move and generally hanging out. For dinner I elected to try and recreate one of our favorite dishes from Serafina-- Farfalle di Limoncello (bowtie pasta in a lemon cream sauce with shrimp and peas). Once again I got to freak out the people at the Wegman's wine store by purchasing a bottle of liquor.

Today I am working from home while the guys from Blue Knight Hardwood Floors begin the refinishing process. For some reason our internet is no longer working in the family room, my blackberry isn't functioning and earlier today we had no dial tone. Suddenly it's like I live on the dark side of the moon (only with a very loud vacuum cleaner sound coming from overhead). Yup, I'm stuck in the kitchen (listening to the refinishing equipment). Hmpf.

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