Tuesday, April 03, 2007

29 weeks, five days...

This morning we went to our latest doctor's visit. We learned that Baby G is already head down and this supposedly accounts for the odd abdominal numbness I've been experiencing lately, as apparently when this happens it means Ms. G's butt and/or feet are pressing up against some vital organ (as I must say, my Mom predicted). We have to go back in two weeks for an ultrasound to determine Baby G's size, and as with my last visit I've been told that I've gained too much weight between visits (if only they knew what the scale said mid-last week!)... but what am I supposed to do, Whopper Eggs are only made at Easter time and I certainly can't give those up!

On other fronts, I received my Rho-Gam shot. Let's just say I didn't have to take off my cardigan for that one, so needless to say it was far too reminiscent of childhood immunizations for my taste.

Also, cross your fingers for me, we have theoretically scheduled a hospital tour! The folks at Columbia weren't very keen on offering a tour despite what their literature says and when I spoke with the administrators in my doctor's office I learned that I wasn't the only one who was told that I should just take the "virtual" tour on the internet. I pointed out that it would be useful if I knew where to go in advance of actually being in labor. They agreed and one of the office staff has volunteered to lead a tour next Thursday. We'll see if the tour itself materializes... it may just end up being the Husband and I wandering the halls...

For now it's back to the coal mine.

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