Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Globes!

Thoughts? Whose outfits do we like? What's with Sting's hair/beard combo? Who else can'd stand Paul Giamatti?

Poor Robert Downey, Jr. looks like he's on drugs again, let's hope not!

And why do so many of the men (Laurence Fishburn) look like they've gained twenty pounds?


Sue said...

I thought Rummer Willis actually looked older then random is that. And like I said in my e-mail what's with Ralph Fienes hair or lack of it.....

Weef! said...

Poor Rumer! I loved though when Demi told her not to slouch! And, I also thought-- was it awkward for Angie when Laura Dern won considering that she broke up Laura's engagement to Billy Bob Thornton years ago? Or does she consider that she did Laura a service...?

As for Ralph, I have no idea what was up with his shaved head.

And, Kate and Leo-- finally, she's slimmed down a bit and he's bulked up. They still look like he's too young for her though.