Thursday, January 08, 2009

Public Television, You Betcha!

Today, while driving up to see Mel, I was charging the ye old Blackberry and thus couldn't use my iPod adapter (what, ho, my Wagon only has one cigarette lighter...) we were listening to the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC. I started listening to the show more frequently during election season and one of my favorite shows was when Mr. Lehrer kept referring to James K. Galbraith (who was a guest on the program) as John Kenneth Galbraith (aka the younger Mr. Galbraith's deceased father and economic Guru). He did it at least three times, possibly four, even after James Galbraith corrected him. Finally, Lehrer just began calling him Mr. Galbraith. It was pretty funny.

Additionally, on the weekends we've been known to listen to the Live at the Met broadcasts and Miss B. is also regularly exposed to Car Talk.

Tonight, during dinner? Miss B. watched This Old House.

Between this much exposure to NPR, PBS and our familial affection for Star Trek, we're trying our darnedst to raise a Geek!!

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