Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Update.

Last night the Husband and I watched "The Visitor". It was well told and everyone in it was good. I have to say though I think Richard Jenkins' Oscar nom was more of an acknowledgment of a 35 year acting career rather than a real shot at the award. His performance was understated, but I would have to give the Oscar to Brad Pitt... that being said, who knows what the academy will do, what with Sean Penn (egads!) and Frank Langella and all.... but I digress.

Today I went into the city and visited with Miss Em! We had a lovely lunch at Le Pain Quotidien and then saw Bride Wars! Bride Wars was cute-- got to love wedding humor. Some of the previews though were a little odd. One of them was for a new Sandra Bullock/Bradley Cooper vehicle-- it looked bad. Kind of along the lines of "Forces of Nature" except Poor Sandra is ten years older and Bradley Cooper is a poor-man's Ben Affleck, at best. (Her other movie that's due to come out, "The Proposal", with Ryan Reynolds looks a heck of a lot more promising...). Night at the Museum 2-- looks good. Monsters vs. Aliens... could be good (it is from the folks who brought us Kung Fu Panda, after all).

What else has been going on? Not too much. I finished the Rayski hat, with some pattern modifications (pictures to follow)... I also recently hosted a play date for a group of our Gymboree compatriots. I'm still recovering. It was truly amazing to see just how much food five toddlers and a four year old can consume. We easily went through 24 mini blueberry muffins, 8 large chocolate chip cookies, a pound of ham, four little debbie cakes, countless bagels, 10 juiceboxes and 6 YoKids yogurts... not to mention a few assorted pieces of fruit. Keep those calories coming we're growing little people over here!


Lisa said...

Forces of Nature left a lot to be desired. Let me tell you though, Bradley Cooper is quite the looker. I think I could turn the sound down and just watch him smile. That would make me happy. Until I get bored that is...

I found your blog from Rue- Mouffetard. All of that Italian cooking, you must be related surely.

Weef! said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting the blog!

Miss Rue-Mouffetard is my Mom! There's much cooking going on!!

And Bradley Cooper is a cutie-- he just needs to be in a few more movies to get to Ben Affleck leading-man status! ;)