Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Movie Madness

So, in the past couple of days we watched some other selections from RedBox. This included The Dark Knight (with bad sound.... and like tell me, just how *long* is that movie???), Babylon AD and Bangkok Dangerous.

Bangkok Dangerous came on Dad's recommendation and first off, let me say, what's with the title? It's like a MadLib. "Put one Proper Noun together with one Adjective" and we'll have a movie! It was pretty lame. I checked it out on Wikipedia and apparently it was a remake in English by the Pang Brothers of their own movie. The original movie had the hitman (played in this version by Nic Cage) as a deaf mute. In the new version the hitman's girlfriend is a deaf mute, apparently, because as the producers noted, Nicolas Cage will be expected by his fan base to actually have lines. Also, it's always a bad sign when Cage's hair is dyed an unnatural color. Here he had ridiculously black hair. I like Nic Cage, but his movies are either good or bad. There's really no in-between. National Treasure (the first one) Good! The Rock? Good! Raising Arizona (Great!) This one? Not so good. Kind of like Snake Eyes.

Next up? Babylon AD. What a shame! Directed by Matthieu Kassovitz and starring Vin Diesel I thought it had potential. It was poorly edited and they dubbed Gerard Depardieu's voice! How lame is that!?!

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