Monday, January 12, 2009


Isn't it odd when you're friended by somebody that you have no recollection of, whatsoever? Not odd, from the perspective of the friender, per se, but odd in that-- the name vaguely rings a bell but the photo makes you draw a complete blank and you think to yourself-- is it me? Have I lost a chunk of memory? Is pregnancy brain so pervasive that it has just melted segments of my past (or was it law school that did that.... I have a choice, I can either remember the difference between strict scrutiny and intermediate scrutiny or all of the seventh grade. Take your pick).

Mickey Rourke?

Okay, one more time... Mickey Rourke?

Next thing you know Lisa Bonet will make a comeback too.

Now, if only it was Angel Heart that had been blocked out of my memory-- that would at least be productive!

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Thirty Something Mommy said...

I have some guy from high school who keeps trying to friend me on facebook and I've turned down his request 4 times. I don't think we ever even SPOKE in high school.