Saturday, April 04, 2009

Art Show Today and a Big Shout Out of Thank You!!!

There's my photo! Hanging on the wall at the Pen and Brush Gallery. The gallery space is really neat-- it is the garden and parlor floors of a brownstone on 10th Street between Fifth Avenue and University Place down in the village.
The reception was lovely and a big giant shout out to 410e9th and MsMcDizzle for coming to the show!
Sadly, we ended up getting there an *hour* late thanks to a half hour delay at the Holland Tunnel and then insane traffic from the Tunnel up to the village (which is saying a lot since it's not that far!) so we missed Miss M. but we say a big THANK YOU! for coming and it was fun to hang with 410, especially in his old 'hood.
There were tons of people at the reception and the good folks at the Pen and Brush even had light refreshments! The other art in the show is really amazing-- there are photographs, sculpture, oil paintings, etchings, even embroidery. The other neat thing about the Pen and Brush is that it is a women's only organization... girl power in the art world... woo-hoo!
Also, Miss B. wore her ribbon hat and got many compliments. Unfortunately, our stay in the big city was shortlived as Miss B. had a prior engagement, namely a birthday party at our local "Little Gym". See post above for more details.

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