Friday, April 10, 2009


So today is one of those rare and exciting days where I feel like I have been productive! I've already managed to:

1) Schedule Miss Kitty's "Spa" appointment (okay, it's just the grooming salon at Petsmart, but we'll try to make her feel special, they do, after all, put a pink bow in her fur when they're finished);

2) Upgraded cable with Verizon. When we first signed up for Verizon Fios we got *all* the channels (with the exception of Cinemax)... then over the past year they started adding new HD channels and we weren't getting any of them. And not exciting "subscription only" channels, but things like Fox News in HD and the Biography channel-- which, by the way, we already get in regular definition... so, I called and got us a new box for our guest room and got us an upgrade, which included Cinemax. We'll see how this all works out.

3) Called LL Bean and replaced Miss B.'s Fitness Fleece pull-over. I just bought one of these the other week and it had become a fast favorite of the whole fam. It's awfully cute, light weight and nice fleece and Miss B. loves her fleece. Well, unfortunately, I washed it and failed to notice that a big sticker from the doctor's office was still on the front of it and lo and behold it melted to the fleece. I'm sure it will come off eventually, but not in time for our trip! I visited the LL Bean website and the item had mysteriously disappeared (as things on that website are wont to do) so the Mom suggested I call them back and ask to reference my old order. It was perfect! They checked my old order, ordered us a new one and it is set to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday!

4) Booked a hotel! We've been invited to a wedding in Newport in the fall and I called up today to get us our hotel room... I even got us an upgrade (at a discount!)

Let's see if we can keep this productivity up! (I'm sure it will be all down hill from here!) :)

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