Thursday, April 09, 2009

Red Box!

So when we visited the city last weekend and saw 410e9th he asked for more Redbox stories! Last night's Redbox selection was "The Day The Earth Stood Still". Okay Hollywood, just by putting Keanu Reeves in a black suit with some sunglasses on does not mean you will have a blockbuster of Matrix proportions. See: Johnny Mnemonic.

In other Redbox news, for some reason, the Husband has a curse with the Redbox. I've been telling him and telling him how easy it is to use. So, the Husband thought he would give it a try. The first time he tried to rent, the machine was broken. The second time he went to use a Redbox, he was returning a video and again, that box was broken (different location). The third time the Husband merely accompanied me while I was going to pick a Redbox and I got stuck behind a woman who looked through all 17 pages of Redbox titles. Then, the other night, I was planning to return a movie (as it was getting close to the witching hour of 9pm) and the Husband offered to drive me, after dinner. Well, as we're ready to go to the car, Husband goes to pick up Miss B. and she throws up. Now she hasn't thrown up since she was a year old (which we refer to as "the sweet potato incident in nighttime"). Clearly it is the Husband Redbox curse. Of course, this may have been triggered by the Husband permitting Miss B. to eat some raw onions (it was Taco Night), but still. We think it's the curse.

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