Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To Un-Friend or not to Un-Friend

Do you have any of these Facebook "friends" who are constantly playing one of those goofy facebook games (like "Mafia!" or whatever) or filling out those "five favorite" list things or otherwise clogging your status list with information you really don't care about especially since this particular person is not anyone you actually ever considered a friend but someone you know (from high school, or the like) who friended you and you're not sure why and you accepted their "friending" because you were unsure of the etiquette of ignoring the friend request?

Now what the hell do I do?

Can I unfriend? Is that bad? Is it bad Facebook karma?

Can I change my settings so I never see an update from this particular individual again unless they do something interesting like cure the Swine Flu or win the Nobel Prize?


Thirty Something Mommy said...

The "old facebook" had an option that you could request less from a particular person.....which I used a lot! I honestly don't know how some people have so much free time on their hands. But I read somewhere that with the new facebook layout, you have to unfriend someone.

Tish said...

Have you figured this out yet?

On the feed page, when you see the status or quiz or whatever of someone you don't want to see, run your mouse to the right corner. When you do that, a little box will appear that says hide.

You have the option to remove that person from your feed your feed entirely - you can't just get less stuff.

But yeah, within the first few days I'd taken about 30 people out of my feed. I check FB about once a day and never realized that some people update their status every hour!