Thursday, April 02, 2009


I saw the New York Magazine and the Times Style Section using this phrase a little bit ago (though I'm sure someone else thought of it first) as a new way to describe the Fashionista during these hard economic times. So, what is a reformed suburban psuedo-fashionista do these days? Why find good deals at the Filene's Basement going out of business sale! Case in point: A Malo 100% cashmere short-sleeved crewneck sweater, the original tag was marked $650. Yes, for a short-sleeved sweater (god only knows what it would have cost if it actually had long sleeves or a turtleneck!) FYI-- For fans of The Real Housewives of New York you'll recall from two episodes ago that it was Malo where the Countess and Crazy Kelly were trying on outfits to wear at NY Fashion Week... so, $650, right? How about trying $14.00 on for size! $14.00. Now, that being said, there was a small problem. In that the neckband was coming away from the sweater in three places. But, upon closer inspection I saw that there were no actual holes, just unraveled knitting. A lot of unravelled knitting. Knitting which would have been done by incredibly tiny Italian elves (or clearly by machine). But this did not look to me like enough "damage" to cause a price drop of approximately $636.00. So, I figured I could take it to the reweaver.

Flash forward a few weeks wherein $14.00 sweater has been sitting in my closet and I've started thinking about how much a reweaver will charge to reattach the neckband. Then I decide to visit Joann Fabrics (where you can buy 19 different items and still end up with a bill of $8.22). Lo and behlod, $1.05 later and I have one spool of Gutterman thread in the exact color to match the sweater.

Next: I'm spending an hour and a half (yes, an hour and a half) reweaving the neckband with one very tiny needle and some thread. I hate handsewing and I'm no pro believe me. You can certainly tell upon close inspection that something terrible befell this sweater, but if you wear it with a cardigan (namely my Prada silk and cashmere cardigan $20 at the Annual Prada Sample Sale circa 2005) and an Hermes Scarf (sorry, no discounts there) you're not noticing it. So, for $15.05 I got my $650 sweater. Even if you factor in the hour and a half of labor it's still a bargain. Let's not even discuss the See by Chloe blouse I also scored at Filene's which required me to sew back on nine buttons.


Ellen said...

"Such a deal I can get for you!" I wish I was a size that allowed me to shop for good bargains, but alas, as a larger woman, we have a smaller variety and the clothes usually run out before sale time. Well, except for the latest style of shirts that look like maternity wear - just what I need, people asking me if I'm pregnang - hell, I'm old enough to be a grandmother!

So it sounds like you watch the Real Housewives of NY. What's your take on the Bethenny/Kelly episode? Is it me or is Kelly one of the most unstable people on earth? Her conversations are disjointed and unless the topic is her, she is can't seem to follow what's going on. Perhaps if she spent less time looking into the camera or trying to figure out which camera is on her she might be able to string enough words together to make sense.

Sue said...

If the sweater needs some more work on it you know I'm an expert at hand sewing....How could you forget the hand sewn lining inside the coat when Boo ate the have to admit it didn't look like it didn't belong....and your officially in the "Bargain Hall O' Fame"....

Weef! said...

Oh, I remember the hand sewn coat lining! ;)

And Ellen-- I *love* the Real Housewives! As for Bethenny/Kelly.... I think Kelly is a complete nutball! I can't say how much of it is her true personality and how much may be editing by the show, but the way the episodes play out she seems like a complete loon! She wasn't even making any sense when she was ranting at Bethenny and I think that the Italian fellow who met her at the club afterwards is the same gentleman who brought charges against her with the NYPD for battery! Can't wait for next week's episode and May 12th is the debut for the NJ Housewives!!!