Monday, April 06, 2009

Art Today!

It is a rainy day here and at the end of today's episode of Barney there were little drawn stick people on paper doing something or another. This lead Miss B. to want to draw! She loves her easel that Grandma bought her and last weekend we did some drawing in the kitchen using our high chair as an improptu art studio. So, Miss B. is telling me "Zraw!!! ZRAAAAW!!" And at first I wasn't quite sure what she meant, so I get her out of the high chair and then she goes into the utility room.

Still saying "ZRAAAAW! Zrawww!" I go in to the utility room and see that Miss Kitty has tossed her breakfast. I say to Miss B, "Oh, you wanted to let me know that the cat threw up, thank you!" Nope, Mom, you're too dense. That's not why I'm in here, she's thinking.... so, again "ZRAAAWW!" But this time Miss B. points animatedly up to our craft tub up on the shelf. Finally, it hits me-- she wants to DRAW! (I'm a little slow this morning, what can I say).

So, we pull out our art bucket and we start with crayons on construction paper. Then we move to decorating the giant foam easter eggs (with crayons, stick on foam shapes, glitter glue and pompoms) and now we've moved on to dark purple Play-Doh! I personally love that written on the play-doh container it clearly says "Fun to play with but not to eat." I'll keep that in mind.

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