Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

So, our first Sunday in Rome was a rainy one. After having lunch/brunch at a local place near the hotel we cabbed it over to the Crypta Balbi and then had dessert at the Ducati Caffe. Afterwards we walked over to the Capitoline Hill and checked out a bit of the forum.

Luckily the weather dried out a bit and we were able to walk from the forum down to the Campo dei Fiori for our dinner reservations at Al Bric. At Al Bric we had a wonderful dinner. We got a selection of Italian goat cheese (which came with various honeys and mustards to sample with the cheeses), fabulous home made bread and grissini, I got arancini as an appetizer and the husband had grilled polenta with baby octopus, then I got a wonderful pasta with a ragu and the Husband got pappardelle with wild boar sausage and we shared osso bucco as the final course. We walked back to the hotel via the Piazza Navona (visiting all three fountains) and had some gelato at Giolitti...

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