Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today we started out strong by sleeping in!

Then we went to a quick lunch locally (at a place kind of like le pain quotidien) and then over to the Crypte Balbi (which is a museum of Roman history and has an tour of excavated ruins). Then (since we were in the neighborhood aka right across the street) we went back to the Ducati Cafe and had a really great dessert treat... molten chocolate cake with pistachio gelato and creme englais.

Then we walked over to the Capitoline Hill and walked through a bit of the forum. Then we walked through to the Campo di Fiori and finally stopped for our dinner at Al Bica on the Via Pellegrino. The food was fantastic (thank goodness!) Then we took a long walk back to the hotel via the Piazza Navona, the Tiber and finally up the via Condotti.

More stories to come for tomorrow!

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Sue said...

Incase I forget to tell you when you call tonight....You sold a picture at the coffee house!!....the one marked..."secrets"....Congrats!!!!!