Saturday, April 18, 2009

Italia 2009, part due

We made it to Italy and have been hanging out in Rome since yesterday morning. So far we've managed to pack in a lot of sight seeing. Our hotel (the Inn at te Spanish Steps) has a great location (wedged happily between Prada and Damiani on the Via Condotti) and its entry way actually opens into the Cafe Antica Greco (one of the famous tea rooms...)

Yesterday we walked all around, including walking up to the Piazza del Popolo, over to the vatican, up the Quirinal hill. We shopped and ate. Today? Today we went to the Vatican Museum (and skipped to the head of the line by having bought our tickets in advance over the internet... and then skipped ahead to get to the Sistine Chapel because we had a stroller.... they let us go in through the back entrance, which shaved off quite a bit of time!) Then we went to the botanical gardens, walked through the Ghetto and the Campo Dei Fiori, ate at the Ducati Cafe (yes, as in Brad and Angelina motorcycle Ducati), had gelato at Giolliti, went to the La Riscinte department store, walked around the Pantheon and generally did a lot...

Tomorrow? Its supposed to rain so we are planning to go to the museums like the Crypte Balbi and the Ara Pacis. Buona Sera!

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Sue said... e-mail isn't working but I think this will still work...glad your having fun and ofcourse eating!! We have everything under control except for the phones....can't figure out how to retrieve voice mail isn't *98??? Anyhoo...maybe will connect tomorrow..Love, Mom and Dad