Thursday, April 09, 2009

Crazy Lunch

Yesterday, after Gymboree, we had lunch with the ladies including Crazy Mom and all three of her children. For the most part things were pretty calm, which was good since Hippie Mom and Normal Mom (who are both pregnant with their second children) were both headache-y/having tired pregnant days and could have used some calm. Then Thing #2 starts talking about her caterpillars. Crazy Mom bought Thing #2 a Butterfly House at Christmas time on sale and apparently, much like sea monkees, when you're ready to have your little menagerie you can mail away to get some caterpillars and eventually, with love and care they will become Butterflies (or at least that's the hope). Thing #2 was very excited about this prospect and very proud that she is now a "Mommy" too. In an odd twist of fate this mirrored that morning's Barney episode where Baby Bop "lost" her pet caterpillar, Monty, but in fact, he had actually just become a butterfly. I don't know how I feel about being able to recount the plot line of an episode of Barney.

Thing #1 was also there and he had brought with him a stuffed bear, which was sitting, rather forlornly, on our dining table. Miss B., once she caught sight of it, starts saying "Bah!, Baahhh!" "Bah!"

This leads Crazy Mom, who was seated next to Miss B. to say: "What do you want, honey?, Bottle? Egg? What are you saying?"

Now, to be fair, Miss B. is kind of like those Masai Bushmen in Africa who speak with the click languages-- the phrase "Ba" can have many meanings, among them: "bagel", "banana", "bug" and for some reason, inexplicably, the driver's seat of the car. It can also mean "bear"!

I'm thinking, come, on, Crazy Mom, you've got three kids! Surely, you know she's not asking for part of your hardboiled egg-- you've got a big stuffed BEAR sitting right in front of you!

Alas, after Bear-gate, our next bit of excitement came when Thing #1 decided it was time to leave lunch and he opened the door from the food court out to the outside letting out Bingo and Hippie Mom's daughter in the process. Nothing says panic like having a 6 year old organize a prison break for some toddlers.

We've got another birthday party this weekend, so we'll see what adventures we have then.

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