Sunday, November 05, 2006

Antiques Roadshow...

In response to Thursdays post, what do you do to follow up Pizza on Wednesday? Burger King on Thursday. Truly a food mistake. So that meant we had to try and do something decent on Friday. We figured we would go to Serafina for pizza, but considering last time we went somehow we managed to score the very in corner table at 61st Street I didn't want to press my luck. I knew I was totally unfabulous and would get stuck in the back by the pizza oven. So we chose Inagiku in the Waldorf, thanks in part to Open Table.

It was great, the husband got some sort of fancy shmancy beef flown in from Japan (down side of which is he had to cook it himself on a hot stone presented to our table) and I got chicken yakitori and spicy chicken rolls.

Lo and behold, while sitting and enjoying our dinner who walks by with his son but one of the Keno brothers! What is even more odd is that this is the second time we've run into this Keno at a restaurant, the last time being about two years ago at Serafina on 79th Street. I still have no idea if it is Leigh or Les, but does it matter- it's still totally random!


maryb889 said...

FYI: If it was a Keno with a son...that would be Leigh as Leslie doesn't have any sons (two daughters I believe..but no sons).

Weef! said...

Mary! Thank you for your comment. I had tried to do a bit of internet research before my post to figure out if it was Leigh or Leslie and wasn't able to find out any family information. I have a feeling at this rate, we may run into him again at some other restaurant so now I'll be able to confidently say, "Hi, Leigh!"

Thanks again and happy reading!

maryb889 said... bad. I started doubting myself so I did an internet search myself. I knew that Leigh had a son and Leslie a daughter (and his wife was expecting not too long ago). For some reason I thought they had a second daughter, but I found out they must have had a son (here's my reference But if you saw a Keno with a grade-school age son, it was Leigh. A Keno with a very young son would be Leslie if it isn't difficult enough to tell them apart!!!