Thursday, November 09, 2006


A quick random posting about opaque tights (since it appears that a number of people have been interested in my search for opaque tights at old navy).... I went to Banana Republic (the same day I tried to exchange my boots) and saw some interesting tights. I ordered them over the internet-- they seemed to be kind of ribbed and mostly cotton. They were a bit pricey for tights... when they arrived at home I took them out of the package and even though they are a "small/medium" they are appoximately the length of a football field. I know they really don't have stretch in them so they have to be relatively close to real size, but come on?? I put them on and there was so much excess tights left over they already bagged up at my ankles. I thought to myself, fine I'll just pull them up really high like a girdle. Wrong. They were made for a 6 foot tall woman yet had an incredibly short rise, if you get my drift. They were super-low-rise 6 foot long tights. Because there's really such a great demand for that product.

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