Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dewey Beats Truman

Okay, so I know at the end of the day Bob Menendez did beat Tom Kean, Jr. (and really people, it's spelled KEAN not KANE, it's like Brett Favre-- pronounce it how it's spelled, but I digress...) but last night at approximately 8:30 Wolff Blitzer and Anderson Cooper on CNN were "giving New Jersey" to Bob Menendez even though only 5% of the polls were reporting and Tom Kean, Jr. had 51% of the vote! Their rationale was "well, you know, New Jersey is a "blue state", it's always heavily Democratic." Okay, but I've turned on CNN *while the elections are happening* not for a prediction or for their analysis, but actually for them to report the news. So, if at 8:30pm, with 5% of precincts reporting Tom Kean, Jr. has *more* votes than Bob Menedez, then he is, at least at that moment, winning. Give the man a break, let him have that false sense of hope. I mean they didn't even back it up by saying that the precincts not yet reporting are historically democratic, yada, yada, yada, just that "Jersey is a "blue state"."

I mean, if it's 11:30pm and the Yankees are playing a game on the West Coast and the score is 5-3 in favor of the Angels, or whomever, does Marv Albert tell us that based on the Yankee's having won the World Series 26 times we're just going to give them the game?

ps. Random Thought of the Day: What does it say about a person when an Egg McMuffin settles their stomach?

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