Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Nativity Story New at IKEA

Leave it to Italy for politcians to suggest a boycott of IKEA because the store doesn't carry nativity scenes.

A representative from IKEA summed up the store very concsisely, indicating that: "we sell furniture and typical products from Scandinavia like meatballs and herring... rather than Nativity scenes which are more of a southern European tradition." Ah yes, meatballs, herring and a nativity scene, because apparently Italians like to display nativity scenes around their house at Christmas.

I thoroughly believe this since many Italians (both in Italy and elsewhere in the world) also like having statutes of the Virgin Mary on their front lawns. My question is, why would that translate into expecting that a Scandinavian furniture store in Italy would be compelled to stock such items? Besides, what would the nativity scene be named at IKEA-- the Nativiklop? the Bethlekoov?

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