Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blog suggestions...

The other day, the Husband told me a story and said that it was blogworthy, so here goes. The Husband has a lot of problems with one of his big toes. It seems that things always get dropped on the toe, etc., etc... One day not too long ago he dropped a humidifer and it of course squarely hit the toe right where the nail meets the actual toe. Blackening of toenail ensued and then we had to hear about how the toenail was going to "fall off". I still maintain that this is just not something that happens to women. I mean I'm sure there are women who prove the rule, but as a general matter I have never expected that one of my nails will actually "fall off", though I know this has happened before to the Dad, and now, to the Husband. So the Husband keeps feeling the need to give me progress reports on the toe. I invoke the "it will induce my labor if you keep talking about this" claim, and while it is a low blow, it isn't enough to get the discussions (albeit onesided) to abate.

The final discussion point happened on Friday. The Husband told me that the nail had finally fallen off.... unfortunately, he left it on his desk at work. Not too often that you expect to hear that is it?

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