Friday, May 04, 2007


Last night I watched a portion of the Republican candidate debate on MSNBC. Mostly to see Rudy Guiliani and of course because Chris Matthews' inability to control the volume of his voice is always entertaining. I really wish they had made more of a big deal out of these things-- I would have loved to have caught the Democratic debate because I'm sure that must have been a hoot as well.

First off all, who the hell are all of these people? I know Rudy, John McCain (who has aged dramatically since the last time he ran, and he really was seeming a bit senile if you ask me) and Mitt Romney, but that raises the question of who the hell were all these other people? There was an ex-governor from Virginia and an ex-governor from Wisconsin, somebody with a wacky name who I guess is in the house of representatives and a slew of other random old white guys who I've never heard of before.

The only useful thing is that when asked down the line most of these jokers want to get rid of or at least reduce the Alternative Minimum Tax (whole heartedly agree with that one), but then what was with a few of them talking about a flat tax? I thought we laughed Steve Forbes out of the race when he ran on that ticket and now everybody seems to be embracing it.

Now, how about the candidates themselves? Mitt Romney scares the hell out of me. I'm concerned because he is the slickest of the bunch-- he has that easy listening radio voice and he just looks like a stereotypical politician. But come on, let's not forget this guy is a Mormon. Not that there's anything wrong with being a mormon, but what are the likely odds that people would vote to put a mormon in the White House? Granted, I'm sure that if Hilary weren't running this guy would probably have Bill Clinton's support because after all, he might try and legalize poligamy, but come on.

Then poor Rudy. Rudy is my favorite. Unfortunately, I truly doubt he can win. But think of it, if we elect Rudy, not only would he be the first Italian-American president but he would also likely start handing out quality-of-life citations all over the country! If he doesn't win, I would at least hope that one day he might come back to New York. The man at least deserves to be mayor for life. Bloomberg (who officially won't endorse any candidate since he has to "work closely" with so many of them... what exactly is that supposed to mean?) is really just lame. Take one look at the "Times Square Shuffle" and I think you'd have to agree with me. Not to mention that during the big Nor'Easter he did his press conference wearing this very bright pink v-neck sweater. Get a stylist, please. I have that sweater. It's from Ralph Lauren, in the women's department!


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Quality of Life Citation-- Rudy used to have the cops give people tickets if there was garbage on their stoop, etc.

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Oh...I'm all for that. I'm the Queen of calling Code Enforcement on the slobs in our sub-division....You gotta love Rudy!