Thursday, May 17, 2007

It was the Excitement!

Last night I completely couldn't sleep. I woke up at some point before 4am and eventually passed out at some point before the alarm went off at 7:30 but I was straight up awake for the bulk of that time in between. I kept flipping from side to side (not helping), my feet were hot, I was thirsty. Once the cat set off the motion detector the Husband woke up and was nice enough to head downstairs to get me a bottle of water, but still, couldn't sleep. I knew the baby furniture was being delivered between 7 and 11am and was paranoid that the delivery men would come while I was in the shower and I wouldn't hear them. So, once the Husband got up at 7:30, I took a shower, got dressed and had some cereal. About half way through watching Regisn and Kelly I decided to try and take a nap. That was right about when the delivery guys came. Just as they were leaving the woman from Window Accents came to measure for blinds for the baby's room, and then while she was making the estimate, the POD retreival guy came. I was mesmerized that all of this managed to occur by 10:30am. The furniture looks great and we should have window treatments within two weeks! A bit later I went out and ran some errands (had to get the wagon inspected, got lunch at Panera) and by the time I came home I was totally wiped out. By 3:10pm I was out like a light for a long time. What can I say, I was watching Studio B with Shep Smith and the man's voice just put me to sleep.

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