Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Common Sense

How come no one has any anymore? Specifically, people who work at the grocery store. I was at Wegman's yesterday and I used one of their newfangled small carts-- it consists of two baskets one on top of the other. I find it more manueverable these days than their other bohemoth carts, but naturally I overfilled it. When I go to check out I ask my cashier if she could ask someone to bring over a larger cart because I don't think the groceries (when bagged) will fit in the cart I have. She begrudgingly mumbles, "you can ask the manager"

I can ask the manager??? For a new cart? There's a big sign at the register that says: "Helping Hands, please ask your cashier for assistance if you need help bringing your groceries to your car" doesn't asking for a bigger cart fall into this category? A moment or two later she must have made the connection because then she asked the manager, but come on! All she has to do to get a manager's attention is flick her light on and off, me I'd have to waddle over to the service desk at which point I would be close enough where I could just get the cart myself.

Then we get to bagging. She puts 2 six packs of soda cans and one six pack of glass bottles of soda in one bag, and just says to me: "this is kinda heavy, I'll put it on the bottom" yet, the same person puts my box of rice krispies in a bag by themselves. When I get out to the car I notice that she's put the containers of wet cat food (containers that love to break open on their own) in with my uncooked chicken breast cutlets. Dry cat food? In with the swiffer. Tell me, why not group all cat food together? Since when does it sound like a good idea to put the little container of turkey and giblets in gravy next to my Purdue boneless breasts? And of course, by the time I got home I noticed that my Pepperidge Farm bread had gotten squashed into a rhombus.

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