Friday, May 04, 2007

Just Like Home...

One other thing about staying at the Marriott. Someone got the bright idea to create the "Just Like Home" linen re-use program.

That's right, your bed linens are "fresh when you arrive" but if you actually want them changed after that more frequently than every third night you have to indicate such by putting this little card on your bed. It's part of their conservation efforts.

Listen, I may not change my bed linens at home on a daily basis, last time I checked I don't have to pay $249 per night to sleep on my own sheets. Not to mention that I know where my linens came from and who has been sleeping on them!

How on earth can you run a hotel and have the gall to suggest that I should let you know when I want new sheets!?! God knows what they're doing with the towels.

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