Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I know that this month marks the thirtieth anniversary of Star Wars, and I am a big fan of Star Wars, but enough already on Cinemax. It's like the Star Wars franchise are the only movies they have these days. Everytime you flip past any Cinemax (other than the "adult" channels) it's playing some part of the series. Last night, 1am, its Return of the Jedi. One can only watch Yoda die so many times before a little bit of the magic disappears.

Lindsey Lohan with another DUI and in rehab again, clearly that "talking to" from Jane Fonda wasn't very effective.

Did anybody watch this Sunday's Meet the Press? Bill Richardson was the guest. Here I am in my kitchen making crispy crowns, cream cheese eggs and toast and I've got this on in the background and at first I'm thinking, okay, this guy sounds like a boob, what the heck is he doing on tv and then I see beneath his picture "Democratic Presidential Candidate". Oh dear. At one point Tim Russert starts talking about how when Richardson was the Secretary of Energy we lost various nuclear secrets from Los Alamos, etc. Richardson's witty retort? To discuss how during his tenure as Secretary of Energy he got the "Energy Star" rating on air conditioners and various other household appliances.

Russert begins discussing how Richardson is a shareholder in Valero? Richardson's answer (which was repeated many times) "I've got to make a living". You're the fricking governor of New Mexico, isn't that a living enough? No, let's believe that you are strong on energy policy meanwhile you've got stock in Valero. Gee, Bill. There's a Valero down the street from my house and the Sikh man who runs it is really mean. Can you do something about that?

Anyhoo, in other news, going this morning for another biophysical profile (I feel a bit like Katie Holmes, it may have been more cost effective for Blue Cross Blue Shield if we had just purchased the ultrasound equipment at this point) and then back to the doctor at 2pm. Blood pressure this morning? 165/100. Nice. Because I was so aggravated while sleeping.

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