Wednesday, May 09, 2007


So, I'm pretty confident this is my last day coming in for work. Hence we had a bit of a reunion of sorts on the train this morning. While I didn't run into Wendy from Click! We did see Joe, pencil-thin mustache man, the Indian couple who have replaced the Russians as our arch nemesis vis-a-vis seats together and the card player. Yesterday we saw the man and his wife who we affectionately refer to as "The Guru" (he looks just like Jimmy Mistry). Now if only we could run into the short-haired woman who rides her bike to the station we'd have a full house.

Today's pregnancy update: Swelling. It happens. Thank goodness I bought the new shoes. My poor feet look like little snausages.

One upside to all of this-- while my annoying college habit of eating ice chips has returned with a vengance (I can now finish a 7 pound bag in three days), I cannot crack my knuckles anymore. I desparately want to crack them, but as my fingers and joints are swollen it's just not happening. Now I have to hope that the no-knuckle cracking will stay with me after pregnancy and the ice chip craving will go by the wayside. It was pretty bad when I actually had to stop by the Wawa market (or as Em affectionately refers to it, the "Wa") on my way home the other day to buy a bag of ice. Let's not even talk about how I smuggled ice out of the Marriott in a ziplock bag, what can I say, it was in big thin chips and easy to crunch!

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