Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Vanilla Sky...

We buy some sort of Glad Odor Shield kitchen garbage bag. They come in a box of 40 and are 13 gallon, or thereabouts. Usually the "odor shield" is presumably some sort of invisible, odorless odor shield because I've never particularly noticed it before. On Sunday the Husband accompanied me to the grocery store and while I was stocking up on a variety of cat food he volunteered to pick up the garbage bags. When we got home I happened to notice that the box of garbage bags was just ever so slightly different than our usual box. This one had a picture of a vanilla bean and a vanilla flower and stated: "New Vanilla Scent!"

Okay, who at Glad decided this would be a good idea? I hate the smell of vanilla generally (its too musky and always reminds me of the inside of a nasty cab...) now we're going to try and mask the smell of rotting garbage with this scent? Are you crazy? And, I don't know what sort of Roswell technology they've used to imbue the scent of Vanilla in these plastic bags but whatever they've done it works-- you can't air them out. It's potent. Everytime now that we open up the lid to our kitchen trash can you're slapped in the face by a combination of last night's dinner and vanilla. Needless to say, we have about 37 bags left if anyone wants them.

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