Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Heroes...."The Parasite"

As Dave noted, I have more questions than answers... either way a few things to ponder... thoughts?

First: Linderman-- I was hoping for someone more rough and tumble (James Coburn perhaps, but he may be dead). Either way, do you think Linderman has some special power?

Who is Nathan and Peter's mom working for? Do you think she is the person who gave Claire to the Company in the first place?

Is the Company working with Linderman?

What's the story with Nathan.... Everytime he seems like he'll be an okay person, something else happens that makes him slimy.

How could Bennett not have seen the whole episode with his "wife" unfolding?

At least Simone is really out of the picture....

Poor Suresh-- he's such an idiot!

Does Sylar not realize that Peter can heal?

And, what triggered Niki to snap out of it vis-a-vis Jessica? She could use Claude's help!

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