Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cereal Olympics...

I've recently been eating Frosted Flakes for breakfast once I get to the office... we have a little newstand in the lobby of our building and they stock a bevy of snack foods and other goodies including little cups filled with various cereals. There was a short span of time where they kept running out of Frosted Flakes and I would have to buy Corn Flakes and manually frost them, but lately they've had a good stock. (What can I say, I can't do cheerios or Special K.... bleech!)

Each cereal bucket is $1.75. I usually have $2 tucked away in a secret pocket of the puffy coat, but every once in a while I actually have exact change. This morning was one of those days.... I walked in the north entrance of the newstand, saw a woman dawdling next to the travel magazine section and knew that if I wanted to get to work on time I had to beat her to the register. I reach up with my right hand and grab my Frosted Flakes, while at the same time continuing to walk through the newstand and getting out my $1.75 in exact change from my pocket with my left hand. I make eye contact with the cashier... he rings me up as I approach the register. I hand him my cash and am out the south entrance in record time. I have left the magazine browser in the dust. It was like a cereal-retreival time trial. Who says Wheaties is the only breakfast of champions?

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Anonymous said...

Perfect time for the new $1 Coins!

The Daaaaad