Monday, March 19, 2007

More Random Thoughts...

The Post Office is going to paint 430 Mailboxes to look like R2-D2 for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars (and as a promo for the launching of Star Wars stamps)... okay, how many of the 430 mailboxes do we think *aren't* going to be stolen?

Saw 300 this weekend. It is truly a film crafted for 13 year old boys. I managed to get through it though by being in a movie-food induced haze thanks both to a jumbo hot dog and nachos. The irony is that the nachos go stale after about 5 minutes of being exposed to air so you really have to act quickly and decide-- do I want to eat the hot dog while its hot or the nachos before they go stale? A true question for the ages.

Two other important things I learned while at the movie theater: (i) Ocean's Thirteen opens on June 8th. While this pregnancy may keep me away from my 10 year college reunion, I will be at the theater to see George and (ii) for any movie I go see between now and my due date I so totally need to sit in an aisle seat. You just can't have access to a gi-normous soda and not have to pee within twenty minutes of the opening credits.

The contractors are at the house today putting up the drywall. By the time we get home we expect that they'll have put up the rest of the drywall and begun the whole messy joint compounding process. The cat is keeping an eye on them. She already has construction foreman experience from when we did the master bathroom. At this rate, she's going to ask for a raise and better benefits (all to support that small gambling habit)...

This morning on the subway I encountered a man wearing a black and gold lame puffy jacket with a man-fur collar. Who needs a subscription to Vogue when you ride the MTA?

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